The world of business is changing. We exist in a digital age where modern businesses demand speed, flexibility and innovation. But these evolving requirements bring with them a new set of challenges.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was created in this environment to address these challenges. Using the Cloud Platform and all the performance and simplicity that brings, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a new technology that delivers measurable results, reactive processes, and continual improvement.

This is the new era of ERP and CRM systems – but to truly capitalise, you need a Dynamics 365 Partner that offers:

That’s where Inciper comes in.

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How are we different?

Inciper was born in the age of the cloud. We are a Dynamics 365 partner built to provide an innovative solution to the evolving requirements of businesses within this digital era.
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the right product for this era, but not all Microsoft partners offer the right approach to implementing this solution. Although Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed for faster, more efficient implementation, many legacy Dynamics 365 partners stick to the same rigid processes that take time and money to execute.

Our approach

Our approach

Our approach differs to traditional methods used by other Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners. Instead of using a linear system for ERP and CRM implementation, we deliver Microsoft Dynamics 365 through our continuous enhancement methodology called RAPID.

Why our clients chose Inciper

They bring an in-depth understanding, analysis and independent 3rd party advice that is invaluable when fully engaged with another service provider.

Martijn Brons

Global ERP Director, Howden Group

Inciper reviewed the functional use of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 application resulting in new capabilities and features being implemented which delivered significant organisational benefits.

Nicole Raabe

Head of Accounting and Taxes, Transporeon GmbH



CMME are a mortgage specialist, who were aiming to transform their customer journey and dramatically reduce the time taken between initial enquiry and mortgage offer.

Find out how Inciper helped reduce CMME's mortgage application process from 3 months to 3 days with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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“Inciper provided a rare level of expertise, experience and impressive dedication to help us achieve our vision… Through Dynamics 365 we have introduced rigour and quality in every aspect of our customer journey from initial enquiry through the application process to final submission.”


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Inciper are a Dynamics 365 partner with the experience and product knowledge to help our customers derive value and benefit from improved ways of working. We are committed to establishing long-term relationships with our clients built on trust; providing quality services and solutions ensuring value is realised and business benefits are achieved. Attracting, nurturing and retaining your key people is essential in this highly competitive world.

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