Building successful Business Applications Service Excellence

Before you embark on a digital transformation journey, you need to consider how you will manage and support the solution.

One option is to establish competency centre for your Microsoft business application suite - an in-house team with strong processes and governance. Establishing a Business Applications Service Excellence enables you to provide support, assurance and community for your solution suite.

What are the benefits to your business?

At its core, a successful Business Applications Service Excellence will help you establish and promote best practice throughout your business, allowing you to standardise repeatable processes and methodologies organisation-wide. This can provide you with numerous benefits:

Ownership of support lifecycle
Ownership of support lifecycle

Take control of your Microsoft business applications suite by owning the entire support lifecycle in-house.

Build your assurance capability
Build your assurance capability

Allowing you to thoroughly test the rolling releases from Microsoft and have certainty about your business-critical applications.

Integrate your support team with your operational business
Integrated support team

Integrate your support team with your operational business and benefit from the community of users.

Our Business Applications Service Excellence solutions

Inciper enables you to build your in-house capability with our range of managed services and support solutions: 

Best Practice

Leverage our best practice for supporting the Microsoft Business Applications Suite

Enhanced Training and Support

Set up your service catalogue, interview and train staff, map out support processes

Service Management Toolkit

Recommend & implement service management toolkit

Process Creation

Set up processes for community management, assurance and proactive solution enhancement

See how we have helped businesses manage their digital transformation

Moving Ahead

Moving Ahead

Moving Ahead

Learn how Inciper proved invaluable in facilitating organisational change for Moving Ahead.

The Inciper advantage

Inciper is a modern company built for the digital age. Here is why you should choose Inciper:

Value creation at pace

There is no reason for business leaders to have to wait months and sometimes years to see any value from their Microsoft Business Application investments. Our approach enables clients to see progress from day one.

Open and transparent delivery

The tooling we use to support our RAPID approach means that we create a fully open and transparent delivery from the outset. This enables us to identify and resolve issues early and make changes while it’s still easy to do so.

Agile and predictable

Our RAPID approach is a unique blend of agile and waterfall project management techniques that enables us to move at pace while still adhering to clear timelines and project deliverables.

Client partnership

Our clients are involved every step of the way. By ensuring we spend time to create a common purpose and clear objectives we ensure we are aligned on the value that needs to be delivered. Our transparent approach gives full visibility and helps ensure early adoption and faster time to value.

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