The Power Duo: How Target Operating Models Fuel Digital Transformation

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, merely keeping up with changes isn’t enough – true success demands a strategic revolution. This is precisely where the dynamic interplay between a well-crafted Target Operating Model (TOM) and Digital Transformation emerges as the driving force behind your organisation's growth and innovation. 

From Complexity to Clarity: Simplifying the Journey 

In your business, a well-crafted TOM stands as the foundational backbone, aligning your business processes, technology, and people towards a common future goal. The realisation of this objective is enabled through a programme of change across all areas of the operating model, mediated through digital transformation. While it might be tempting to associate digital transformation purely with technology, its impact resonates far more profoundly, encompassing people, process, data and tech. 

A target operating model can seem complex as it seeks to define an organisation’s future state across a range of areas including geography, organisation structure, operational processes, people, and technology. At its core, the essence of the model is to outline the blueprint for your organisation’s future state across all these dimensions. Here is where the digital transformation roadmap steps in, bringing clarity to the model and demystifying the complexity. It defines the definitive trajectory from current to future state – a strategic answer to the pivotal question: How do we get there? 

Digital Transformation: Beyond Buzzwords 

In a business landscape echoing with the catchphrase of "Digital Transformation" it helps to cut through the noise and be clear about what we mean. For us, the concept is more than a buzzword, it signifies the deliberate progression of an organisation along a digital maturity curve, culminating in a state of fully connected, integrated systems.  

Why the emphasis on connected systems? The answer is that they bring increased value, enhanced efficiency and lead to sustainable business growth. They enable your team to stop focussing on work that feels like inefficient grind and rise above the ordinary to focus their energy on delivering tangible and resonating value to your most prized asset – your customers. 

Unlocking Growth and Efficiency: The TOM-Digital Transformation Duo 

The synergy between TOM and Digital Transformation is a gateway to unparalleled growth and heightened efficiency. Picture a seamless customer journey, accelerated decision-making through data-driven insights, and resources deployed for optimal impact. This encapsulates the goal of the target operating model – a blueprint to elevate operational efficiency for your organisation. The key is that Digital transformation is the way you will get to that aspirational future.  

However, here's the crux for organisations fuelled by the drive for growth – these steps are not isolated occurrences. Think of the bounds of your target operating model as expansive as your imagination, but it's inevitably tethered to the existing state of affairs within your organisation. As you harness the force of digital transformation to move toward your envisioned state, a remarkable shift occurs. New vistas of potential unfurl, capable of reshaping both your target operating model and the trajectory of your digital transformation initiative. 

A Trusted Delivery Partner 

The ability to take a target operating model and relate it to the digital transformation roadmap requires a delivery partner that has a focus above and beyond technical prowess – it calls for a partner with the capability to take a holistic perspective. You need to be working with an organisation that has the quest for business value baked into their DNA, else your delivery will fall short of its transformative potential. 

Conclusion: Charting Your Course for Success 

As a visionary leader, the onus is on you to spearhead transformation. Embrace the powerful relationship between TOM and Digital Transformation, and watch your organisation become a trailblazer in the digital era. The journey is bound to be transformative, and we're here to help and guide you every step of the way. 

Ready to embark on a journey that promises growth, efficiency, and innovation? Let's connect and chart a course for your organisation's future. 


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The crucial link - aligning the target operating model with digital transformation
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