Aligning your digital transformation to your target operating model

23rd November 2023 @ 11:00 - 11:45

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the crucial link between digital transformation and the Target Operating Model (TOM) has become an imperative for organisations seeking to remain competitive and future-proof.
In this live event, Malcolm will cover:
  • Quick intro to target operating model
  • Quick intro to digital transformation
  • How do the two interact?
  • What’s important from the TOM?
  • How do you create a transformation roadmap?
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Meet the Speakers

Malcolm Cathcart

Malcolm helps customers with project delivery, managed services and licencing with over 20 years of project experience to bear on ensuring that risks and issues are identified and resolved ahead of time. His approach is collaborative, working with the client to deliver the project to plan and guiding clients to invest time thinking about the impact of the change on the user communities across the business

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The Crucial Link

Aligning the target operating model with digital transformation

Providing actionable intelligence on identifying the pertinent elements within the operating model and how they interplay with digital transformation initiatives.

The Crucial Link

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