Six reasons why you should deploy Dynamics 365 Mobile App for your field-based teams

Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile is the companion mobile app for Dynamics 365 Field Service that provides field workers with real-time data access, collaboration tools, and safety information to help them complete their jobs efficiently and effectively regardless of their location or network connectivity.  

Real-time data access 

One of the key features of Field Service Mobile is real-time data access. This allows technicians to access information about customers, equipment, and other job-related details on the go. Field workers can see service history, parts usage, and work order status, helping them to complete jobs more efficiently and accurately. In addition, Field Service Mobile integrates with other Dynamics 365 apps, such as Customer Service and Sales, providing access to customer information across the entire organisation. The benefits of real-time data access can also be achieved for members of the team who are based in offices, such as dispatchers who can track the progress of jobs being completed and allocate more, or reallocate existing workload as needed. 

Offline capabilities 

Field Service Mobile includes offline capabilities, which allow technicians to access data and complete jobs even when they don't have an internet connection. These resources can do all manner of things including viewing job details, updating work orders, and recording time and expenses, all of which are synced to the Dynamics 365 system when an internet connection is available. This feature is particularly useful for field-based workers who work in remote locations, areas with poor connectivity or at customer sites where the use of internet connectivity is prohibited. 


Collaboration tools within Field Service mobile help technicians and managers stay connected and informed. Technicians can use the app to send messages to dispatchers, managers, and other technicians, allowing them to share information and coordinate activities. They can also access a shared calendar, which shows the availability of other technicians, making it easier to schedule joint activities or arrange backup support. This feature can help reduce communication errors and improve the overall efficiency of field operations. In addition to this, the Field Service mobile app supports your team capturing rich data types such as voice notes and pictures.  

Equipment and asset management 

Field Service Mobile provides technicians with access to equipment information, including manuals, diagrams, and maintenance history. They can use the app to order parts and track inventory, helping them to complete repairs more quickly and efficiently. The app also includes a barcode scanning feature, which allows technicians to quickly and accurately identify equipment and parts. This feature can help reduce errors and improve the accuracy of inventory management. 

Health and Safety 

Field Service Mobile includes safety information, such as equipment manuals and safety protocols, to help technicians work safely in the field. This feature is particularly important for businesses that operate in hazardous environments or work with complex equipment. Technicians can use the app to review safety procedures and access emergency contact information, helping them to respond quickly and effectively in the event of an accident or emergency. 

Reduce environmental impact 

Equipping your field workers with the Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile app not only gives them access to all the data they need to complete their jobs, including job sheets, customer info and documentation and training manuals, it also significantly reduces the need for information to be printed as this can all be access online, anywhere on their device. In addition to this, new jobs being raised can be assigned to resources based on their location, reducing travel and emissions associated to this. 

Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile is a powerful tool that provides a wide range of features to help businesses optimise their field service operations. With real-time data access, scheduling and dispatch, collaboration tools, equipment management, safety information and offline capabilities, technicians can complete jobs more efficiently and accurately, reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction, and driving revenue growth. By leveraging the power of Field Service Mobile, businesses can gain a competitive advantage in their industry and position themselves for success in the digital age. 

If your organisation is thinking of implementing Dynamics 365 Field Service, or needs support with an existing implementation contact us to speak to our team of Field Service experts who can advise you on capabilities and best practices and ensure that your organisation gets the most from the product.

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