The RAPID approach

In the digital age, modern businesses demand measurable results and continual improvement. These evolving needs have brought with them a new era of Microsoft Dynamics implementation.

Inciper is a new breed of company, created to deliver our clients fast results in this digital age. Instead of long, expensive and resource-heavy ERP and CRM implementations that disrupt your whole business, our approach using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform delivers value to your business at internet speed. We call this RAPID.

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What is RAPID?

Our approach is RAPID – a Microsoft Dynamics implementation strategy built around five core tenets, which run through every aspect of our engagement.

RAPID is Results-driven

Traditional Microsoft Dynamics implementations are expensive, time-consuming and challenging. In the cloud era, you no longer need to accept this.


RAPID identifies the areas of your business with the potential for most improvement at least cost, delivering visible, quantifiable change. Our approach provides tangible benefits throughout our engagement, from advisory and strategy services, implementation and continuous solution evolution.

Inciper focus on the complete solution and have the breadth of skills required to ensure solution adoption and business objectives are met.

RAPID is Adaptable

Despite Microsoft Dynamics 365 removing the need for time-consuming activities, many partners are still applying old world thinking to their client engagement approach.


Instead of following a rigid, siloed Microsoft Dynamics implementation, our approach is flexible, priority led, and adaptable. RAPID is not simply a method for software implementation, but engages your business to support organisational change, delivering continuous improvement through ongoing assessment of your needs.

RAPID focuses on your Priorities

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 should not be a monolithic process, where an entire ERP or CRM solution is created from the ground up.


Instead, results should come from starting where the biggest impact can be made in the shortest space of time. Our iterative approach focuses on the biggest opportunities for improvement within your business to help you achieve the highest value outcome.

RAPID is Incremental

With the speed at which businesses and technology develop, slow Microsoft Dynamics implementations are so time-consuming that they run the risk of being obsolete on delivery.


Our Microsoft Dynamics implementation strategy recognises this issue by introducing new functionality in increments through regular releases to production. RAPID delivers instant benefits and demonstrates success before moving onto the next stage based on your new requirements.

RAPID is Dynamic

Old-world waterfall implementation approaches from legacy providers simply aren’t built to respond to the changing needs of modern businesses, nor do they enable companies to maximise the use of technology.


Our approach uses a fluid, responsive method built for a dynamic age. We understand that business needs are ever-changing, with our company created to reflect this need. We don’t just provide Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM implementations, we are Dynamic.

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How does the RAPID process work?

Guided by the five core tenets, RAPID is an iterative approach to delivering value through Microsoft Dynamics implementation, ongoing support and continuous outcome-based improvement. Because your business is continually evolving, our method is not linear, but delivers results through a recurring cycle.



Stage 1: Identify


Understanding your company’s vision and the needs of the business is central to our implementation process. In the initial stage, we identify your business processes from the inside out to understand how we can add value. This is our opportunity to drill into your business capabilities – from where you excel, to the areas that need work – to understand what is causing any problems in your processes.

From this initial analysis, we can then prioritise your business requirements against Microsoft Dynamics 365, creating a delivery roadmap that provides the business with maximum benefits within the shortest period of time. This roadmap allows us to review the capability and capacity of the business and complement the team with the skills required to drive the best value Microsoft Dynamics implementation possible.

Stage 2: Focus


We can then focus in on each business priority, to ensure we know how to bring the requirement to reality – this could be through training, business change, system or process design. We work together with you as a single cohesive team throughout implementation to ensure that the idea is understood from every aspect.

Utilising standard Microsoft Dynamics functionality, the Microsoft PowerPlatform and integrating the Microsoft Solution cohesively into your current system landscape is our key driver. Gaining detailed insight into your business processes, your people and what differentiates you drives an output that delivers the desired business benefits. Our focus throughout this stage is on meeting your business objectives in the most efficient way possible.

Stage 3: Create


With the end goal understood, we set about to deliver the vision, working in partnership with your team to put together the integrated ERP or CRM solution that will fit within your business and give you the business benefits that you have identified.

Our goal is to meet your objectives, so business engagement continues to be at the heart of our approach, with our Microsoft Dynamics implementation experts providing continuous show and tell sessions, knowledge transfer and solution validation throughout the create process. This not only validates the solution as fit for purpose, but also provides support for you and your team during the necessary change management activities.

Stage 4: Transition


On completion of the ERP or CRM solution creation, we work with your business to transition the concept into operation. This stage includes user acceptance testing, go-live rehearsals, and training of the user community followed by a transition to the new solution. 

When the Transition stage is complete, your organisation will have all the necessary business processes and solution knowledge required to realise the intended business benefits. Once your initial ERP or CRM solution is operational, post-release we work closely with your team to offer immediate hypercare support before handing over to the business as usual support team.

Stage 5: Enhance


The incremental approach of our Microsoft Dynamics implementation method means that short cycles are continually repeated to create ongoing, value-driven improvement.

This final stage allows us to enhance your ERP or CRM solution through continuous improvement. As numerous departments intersect and your processes develop, enhancement is an essential evaluation stage within the cycle. The evolution and structured support provided by Inciper’s dedicated team ensures your users remain in control, with the necessary skills added to continually improve the service they provide.

A new approach for a new era of Microsoft Dynamics implementation.

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