Inciper’s Strategic Partnership with FLS - Fast Lean Smart

Inciper and FLS are working together to deliver an elevated technology solution to our Dynamics 365 Field Service customers that require an optimised deployment and route planning solution giving intelligent scheduling and resource planning for the agile and carbon conscious field teams of the future.

Leading companies trust FLS software solutions

FLS VISITOUR from FLS - FAST LEAN SMART is designed to help Dynamics 365 Field Service customers improve their scheduling, routing, and dispatching processes. Using algorithms and machine learning to help companies automate and optimise their field service operations, the solution can consider factors such as technician availability, skill level, and location to ensure that the right technician is dispatched to the right job at the right time.

FLS VISITOUR also provides real-time visibility into technician locations and job status, which can help organisations improve their customer service and response times. Additionally, the solution can provide analytics and insights to help companies identify areas for improvement and optimise their field service operations over time. 




"Inciper are very happy to partner with Fast Lean Smart.  Offering automation, flexibility, real-time data, increased productivity, improved customer experience, scalability and comprehensive reporting - Visitour is an unrivalled field service scheduling and route planning solution, with which we are excited to be sharing the benefits to our customers.

Mark Roberts - CEO, Inciper

Dynamics 365 Field Service & FLS - VISITOUR - working brilliantly together

FLS VISITOUR enhances the D365 Field Service solution by using AI and Machine Learning enabling it to continually learn and improve thus ensuring your organisation sees results constantly improved over time as the product learns from your data.

Organisations can also benefit from greater flexibility when using the FLS VISITOUR solution for resource scheduling as it handles additional parameters, complex routing, real-time scenarios and support for multiday bookings. 


“FLS is proud to partner with a leading technology company that shares our objective to supercharge the Dynamics 365 experience. Inciper recognises FLS VISITOUR scheduling and route optimisation extends beyond the limitations of Microsoft Resource Scheduling Optimization (RSO). Our new technical partnership will set even more field service organisations on their path to realising ambitious productivity and efficiency targets. Our joint expertise encourages greater outcomes for our customers in a seamless, best-of-breed solution.”

Jeremy Squire - Managing Director, FLS - Fast Lean Smart


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