Inciper's commitment to Environment, Social & Governance

Inciper is committed to high standards of environmental sustainability, human rights, anti- bribery and corruption, integrity and business security. We anticipate that not only will our employees and managers engage in our ESG initiatives but also all of our suppliers will abide by similar standards and conduct their business in an ethical manner.

“We believe in creating ethical sustainable business practices that help the planet, our clients, our employees and all our stakeholders. We demonstrate leadership & commitment to help solve the issues that impact society.” Mark Roberts, CEO

We strive to build sustainable, equitable, healthy, and diverse communities through a combination of innovative business practises and environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. This commitment informs every aspect of our business, including how we design and build new projects, operate our company, collaborate with stakeholders and report progress.

The Inciper Community Champions is an employee led forum where all employees can get involved and can contribute to the sustainability factors at Inciper. It provides a forum for open discussion and a method of reporting into the Senior Leadership Team.

The Community Champions is underpinned by 5 pillars:

  • Employee health and wellbeing
  • Environmental concerns and initiatives
  • Charitable giving, sponsorship and volunteering
  • Diversity, inclusion and belonging
  • Company culture and social engagements

These pillars very much cross over with initiatives supporting more than one pillar at a time and the ethos of the Community Champions is threaded through the Company’s culture.


Our statement on climate change and the environment

We are committed to driving down our energy and carbon impacts, as we believe that climate change is one of the greatest risks to our world. We are committed to environmentally sustainable initiatives that deliver near-term efficiency, value, and health for our business, our people, and the wider community.

We encourage our employees and clients to reduce their impact on the environment by recommending the use of digital meeting tools rather than on-site meetings. We actively promote a paper-free office. We support our clients to avoid printing and we will make all endeavours to be a digital-first business.

We seek to comply with current environmental legislation and work to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment.

We operate a hybrid working initiative, to enable our employees minimise the amount of travel required either to our offices or our clients’ sites. This also enables us to maintain a smaller amount of office space.


Our statement on social responsibility

Our focus is to deepen relationships with our key stakeholders by investing in our employees and partnering with our clients, communities, investors and suppliers.

We are committed to engage with our employees to provide a challenging, dynamic, inclusive and diverse work environment that supports their professional development, as well as promoting a good work-life balance that prioritises their overall health and wellness.

We will support initiatives that benefit the environment, human welfare and education. This includes skills training that advance workforce talent pipelines for our clients and economic development in the communities in which we operate.

We will preserve and promote the protection of human rights and welfare within our own business activities, as well as those of our supply chain, in accordance with our Code of Conduct policies which include:

  • Equal opportunities
  • Harassment
  • Anti-Bribery
  • Anti Modern day slavery
  • Whistleblowing

Our statement of ethical governance

Our focus is to promote strong oversight, transparency, risk management and open communications at all levels of our organisation, ensuring the resilience and long-term preservation of value for our business.

We will maintain strong corporate governance practices through exemplary board stewardship, management accountability, and proactive risk management.

We are committed to high ethical standards through a strong ongoing ethics training, and executive leadership that promotes a culture of integrity.   



Members of staff

As a member of our organisation, you have a vital responsibility to ensure our organisation thrives. When it comes to ESG, this means understanding your role in each area of ESG. You can start to do this by familiarising yourself with the concept of ESG, and our strategic objectives around ESG. You should know:

  • Understand our strategic ESG goals
  • How we plan to achieve them and over what time
  • Your individual and team contribution to those goals
  • How to discuss our ESG goals with clients and third parties
  • Where to report potential concerns or actions


Environmental - We all have a role to play in reducing carbon emissions and getting to net zero. While as a business we are setting organisation-level targets, consider the choices you make and the environmental impact. For instance:

  • When travelling, are there more environmentally friendly options to take?
  • Can some meetings be done remotely instead of travelling?
  • Think before you print
  • Does the office have recycling and energy saving measures?


Social - Building a diverse and inclusive workforce where everyone feels valued is everyone’s responsibility. Understanding your role in bringing people together is critical to our success as a business. From hiring the best talent to encouraging all staff to thrive, we want a workplace where people proactively work to be the best. You can help by:

  • Challenging and reporting discriminatory or offensive behaviour
  • Understanding diversity and inclusion policies
  • Being an active ally for groups often underrepresented
  • Leading by example in your work


Governance - Good governance goes beyond having the right policies and procedures in place. It’s about embedding compliance in your day-to-day work. From completing training on time to actively understanding how regulations affect your work, good governance starts from the individual acting ethically. Take governance to heart by:

  • Be a compliance champion in your team
  • Refer to policies and procedures instead of shortcuts
  • Be aware of red flags for compliance failures and risks in your area of work
  • Don’t be afraid to call out poor behaviour or report failures

Monitoring and enforcement

We seek to proactively prevent and mitigate instances of non-compliance with our ESG policy.

Any breaches or concerns, including ethical concerns or potential breaches in our commitment to high ethical standards should be reported as soon as possible through our whistleblowing channels.

Progress on this policy is reported to the Board on a regular basis. Active participation and engagement at all levels of the business is of great importance to ensure ownership of ESG by all staff. At minimum, we endeavour to maintain compliance with legislative requirements.


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