How a global property consultancy transformed Finance Reporting & Analytics

Inciper recently worked with an international property agent and facilities management company with over 40,000 people working for them in more than 70 countries. One of the significant obstacles they encountered as part of their global Microsoft Dynamics ERP rollout was financial reporting; with automation, reconciliation and surfacing business insights all proving to be a challenge.


Data & Analytics Strategy & Roadmap

The business wanted to improve the way they visualise and interact with financial data, with a view to making more data driven decisions. As part of the initial engagement with Inciper, a strategy was recommended to ensure the solution being put in place would support current and future reporting and analytics requirements. This approach allowed Inciper to recommend the implementation of a data & analytics solution based on Microsoft’s reference architecture for analytics from Dynamics ERP, leveraging leading edge Azure Data Lake, Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI technologies as the basis for trend analytics and near real time operational reporting.

Inciper were able to define and agree the technology roadmap aligned to the Dynamics ERP rollout, allowing them to understand the value that would be released at each stage of the data & analytics journey, not only based on ERP data, but also the wider footprint of information assets available to the organisation. The discovery phase, undertaken with key finance stakeholders across Europe, allowed Inciper to understand the key pain points of each country, along with the detailed reporting requirements which would support each country and the wider group with effective, intuitive, interactive finance analytics.

This stakeholder driven approach provides a mechanism to assure the business are getting the outcomes and value that they require as part of the solution implementation.

Phased Implementation

After the discovery phase, Inciper were able to develop a phased plan for the implementation of Azure data platform and Power BI, all designed to release early value to allow their finance stakeholders to realise the value that the platform could provide.

The implementation supported the following key business benefits;

  • Consistent, standardised single version of the truth reporting across all countries on D365
  • Key manual processes automated saving 10’s of man days of effort per month
  • Conformed multi-data source business data model to support self-serve analytics
  • Scalable and sustainable Data & Analytics Platform with the ability to easily deploy reporting and analytics for new country rollouts.
  • The ability to integrate new data sources (e.g market data, comparatives and the like) into the data model and/or reports
    as required
  • Modern data platform and business intelligence to support current reporting and wider organisational data provision
    requirements in addition to future enhancement into AI/ML

Ongoing trusted partnership

With the solution now providing enhanced business insights, selfserve analytics and a foundational single version of the truth, the business is continuing to work with Inciper as its trusted partner for future support and incremental platform enhancement across Azure Data Platform and Power BI, with future phases to address additional business pain points being planned.


Why Inciper

Inciper takes a strategic, value driven approach to
implementing Azure Data Platform and Power BI into your business.
We seek to automate as much manual reporting activity as possible,
enabling an analytics platform that not only looks impressive, but
can deliver intelligent business insights quickly and consistently;
revolutionising the way key stakeholders and executives in your
business make decisions.

Why Inciper

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