Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for the financial sector

In the financial sector, companies have to manage complex data and highly regulated processes, which are time-consuming, can lead to damaging non-compliance issues, and negatively impact sales teams’ ability to cross-sell and up-sell.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a market-leading customer relationship management technology used across the financial sector to improve business processes, customer relations, and compliance management.

An effective CRM solution, however, requires more than just the right software – it also needs a results-driven implementation to ensure that the technology is properly built and adopted to address your company’s specific challenges.

Is your financial organisation struggling to generate leads, losing sales opportunities, or having problems maintaining valuable customer relationships? This may indicate you need a new CRM system.

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If you are a head of sales, compliance or operations looking to improve processes and profitability within your specialist financial organisation, read on to see how Inciper can help solve your business challenges with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

What are the benefits of a CRM in the financial services industry?

What are the benefits of a CRM in the financial services industry?

For financial institutions providing loans, mortgages and insurance, or brokerage firms who work alongside end providers to source financial products, internal processes are typically long and extremely complex.

This is often exacerbated by disconnected legacy systems, where restrictions and a lack of flexibility results in valuable time being wasted on lengthy manual processes and admin. That’s where Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes in. While traditional CRM systems just addressed the sales team, Dynamics 365 can help streamline processes business-wide, helping your teams to focus on what they do best – be it sales, compliance or streamlining operations.



As a sales professional in a specialist financial service provider or broker, you and your team are focused on increasing revenue for the business while conforming to complex compliance and regulatory processes. This, however, is far from straight-forward in an environment that lacks a centralised customer system, without the tools to help you automate tasks, eliminate errors and streamline the sales process.

Without a properly implemented CRM, you may lack a single, central view of your leads, prospects and customers – as well as the product options available to you – which often exist in siloed systems.

A lack of system infrastructure and process support through a functional CRM leads to missed revenue and lost opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling with you and your team unable to sell the right products, secure renewals or build long-term relationships with customers.

Simply adding more opportunities into the pipeline may increase customers in the short-term, but won’t address the root cause of your problem. Microsoft Dynamics CRM will not just help streamline your sales process, but can act as an effective lead generation software too, helping you consistently reach and even exceed your sales targets year-on-year.



Adhering to compliance rules and guidelines in the financial sector is difficult when dealing with manual processes and unintegrated systems. Even if your internal processes are meticulously managed, often sales teams struggle to follow them due to their complexity, which can lead to data breaches and non-compliance issues for your business.

While you may not have previously considered a CRM as a potential solution to these problems, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you manage compliance processes on two fronts.

Firstly, by automating processes and keeping information up-to-date, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can assist with your compliance checks and ensure that data is safely stored in a centralised database but is securely accessible business-wide.

Secondly, Microsoft D365 CRM can also help your sales teams to manage their own processes more effectively, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring that everyone within the business is data-compliant.



In a specialist financial service provider or broker, the customer journey is often long and complicated. While the nature of your company’s work demands data management expertise and meticulous accuracy, rigid legacy systems and paper-based systems can hugely extend the delivery time of your service.

Scaling a business with these issues is simply not feasible, and may even be leading to problems attracting and retaining quality staff.

Despite having specialist financial advisors in your team, all too often they are bogged down in manual processes riddled with human error. Automating these processes through a CRM system will help ensure the best utilisation of your specialists, with their time spent streamlining the customer journey and providing a better experience for your clients.

While you may initially be thinking about broker management tools, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a much more sustainable system for ensuring business growth – thanks to its core functionality and range of flexible features.


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How can Inciper help your financial organisation meet its goals?

Whether your business challenges are in sales, compliance or operations (or a combination of all three), we help specialist financial organisations – from brokers to end-product suppliers – streamline their processes to improve efficiency and profitability company-wide.

While Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers exceptional flexibility and functionality, to ensure buy-in and drive greater adoption across your organisation, choosing a results-driven CRM implementation partner is essential.

Most Microsoft partners take a technology-driven approach to Dynamics 365 implementation, focusing on delivering a high-functioning software solution with little consideration of the end user’s needs. While this type of approach may be suitable in many industries, in a complex financial environment with specific sales, compliance and service requirements, this method doesn’t guarantee success.

RAPID approach

Our RAPID approach delivers value to your business through continuous outcome-based improvement. We focus on the specific pain points in your business, to ensure we are delivering the functionality you need quickly and collaboratively. Our experts take the time to understand the needs of your business in order to assess where we can add the most value to ensure your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution addresses your specific needs.

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