Meet the Team Blog Series: Rob Pepper, Talent Acquisition Manager

In the latest blog for our Meet the Team series, we sit down with Rob Pepper, a specialist in Microsoft partner recruitment and Inciper's Talent Acquisition Manager. we talk all things Manchester, Mac Minis and more!

1.) Where do you call home?
I’m from the small market town of Richmond in North Yorkshire originally, but I moved to Manchester when I was nineteen and haven’t really looked back. I now live in Bury Greater Manchester and I couldn’t imagine being in any other area. I have the best of both worlds - Manchester and the countryside all on my doorstep.

2.) What hobbies did you have growing up?
Basketball and messing around with tech - mostly taking apart computers and fiddling with all the bits. I still do this a lot and is a main hobby now!

3.) What are you currently watching?
I find myself watching a lot of JayzTwoCents & Linus Tech Tips on YouTube - I can’t get enough of the geeky tech things you can do.

4.) Tell me something about you that your colleagues wouldn't know?

I’m a pretty open book so don’t have much I keep from work colleagues. I haven’t told many people that I used to DJ at Sankeys in Manchester back in the 00’s.  Makes me sad to think it’s not there anymore

5.) What was your first mobile phone?
SONY ERICSSON P910 which I stole from my dad, he wasn’t very happy! I remember it was on BT Cellnet (yes, I’m that old!).

6.) What’s the coolest bit of tech you’ve ever seen?
I still think the Mac Mini - when it was first released in 2005 it was one of the coolest things I had ever seen or used. What it achieved then for its size was revolutionary. I think it’s amazing that 17 years later it’s still basically the same style. I suppose if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

7.) Describe what you do at Inciper in one sentence?
Finding talent and being the first person new employees interact with.

8.) What’s the best part of your job?
I enjoy looking at ways to bring new talent into the business, and also ways which I can support the growth of the business through talent acquisition and talent learning and development.

9.) What’s so cool about Microsoft technology?
I really like how Microsoft are always looking to develop and improve their software and ecosystem. Whether it’s Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Azure platform or even their Xbox ecosystem, they really are focused on developing the best experience for their users.

10.) Who’s your tech hero?
I flipflop between Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs - both have changed the way we live in the tech world and have been at the forefront of computer technology. I do also have a special place in my heart for Freddie Williams and Tom Kilburn who developed the first store program computer (bonus points for being from Manchester University too!)

11.) What advice do you have for anyone looking to get into this industry?
A couple of points;
Be open to learning and embracing the constant changes that happen in technology and keep focused. There will never be a boring day!

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