How do I achieve business value from D365?

You put together the business case, selected your SI, poured time and effort into your implementation project. You stayed up nights doing your testing and rallied the troops to get the project over the line. Now you’re using D365 and all is well.

Except, maybe it’s not. Now you need to go back to the business case and consider whether you actually achieved the benefits that you had originally identified. Is the department more streamlined? Are people doing more value-add work making connections with your customers and vendors, or is it more of the same on a shinier system?

You’re not alone, it’s very common to have gone through the complete process and lost focus along the way to business value that you originally thought you would gain, or even to have gone backwards as you made compromises to chase the agreed dates. Maybe your board have started openly wondering if you made the right choice in the first place?

Don’t worry, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an industry leading enterprise management suite, and your investment was good. You just need some help to refocus on achieving your business value.

How can we help?

At Inciper we have a team of professionals dedicated to lining up your investment with your goals. We can help you to get back on track, ensuring that you are delivering real value to the business and achieving the benefits set out in your original case for change.

For us, any project starts with your business vision, and so we would always recommend going back to the statements of what your business is trying to achieve and building on that. It is also possible that your business goals have changed in the time that the project has been running so some readjustment may be needed to regain alignment.

This does not have to be a long process, Inciper's aim is to get you back on track with agreed, measurable value outcomes as quickly as possible so that you can go back to the board to show progress in a very short timeline.

What will we do?

How we can help will depend on the stage of your project, but broadly our process will be:

Business benefit review: what were you looking to achieve in the first place, across what time period? What are your current business objectives and do the benefits line up with those goals? If necessary, we can help you to restate a business case and agree the metrics by which it will be measured.

Operational discussions: talking to the departments impacted by D365, what are they finding that is painful and what is working well, looking at their training and understanding of the system, their business processes and any inefficiencies in how they operate.

Solution architecture review: we spend a couple of days looking at your implemented system to understand how it has been put together. This is both a functional and a technical investigation to understand any technical debt that may have been built up during the implementation that is inefficient or will cause you problems further down the line.

Deliverables: As you would expect, we will produce a board-ready final output which will give our full recommendations on how to achieve your intended business value along with a roadmap of change that will get you there. Our aim is to start helping as soon as possible, so we will also give you any significant recommendations as we go through the process rather than waiting until the end.


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How much will it cost?

The cost of a continuous improvement project is very dependent on you, your company size and complexity, plus the scope of the implementation. As a ballpark, we would expect the lower bound on the price to be around £10k and the upper to be £30k. We will be able to give much better information about this after initial discussions.

Microsoft have End Customer Investment Funds (ECIF) available to you which can help to share the cost burden of any continuous improvement project – essentially, they would pay us for a portion of the work that we carry out with you.



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