How Microsoft Dynamics AI Insights can Drive Digital Transformation in the Financial Services Sector


For financial services organisations in today’s competitive landscape, digital transformation is a key driving force for businesses wanting to stay ahead. As the competition gets tougher and customer expectations continue to grow, financial services organisations now need to be actively researching and implementing long-term solutions that can drive this digital change - leveraging emerging technology such as artificial intelligence to do so. 

In this feature spotlight, we discuss how Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI Insights can help financial services organisations meet their digital transformation needs, while ensuring long term business growth.


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Align systems and processes with AI insights

For businesses across the financial services industry, the lack of organisation and integration between multiple systems is preventing them from wholly embracing digital transformation. Legacy, siloed systems where information is stored disparately and is increasingly difficult to access can cause error and delay across every department and create downtime that could be better utilised elsewhere.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI Insights, you can remove software silos and gain a better understanding of your business and customers by unifying processes, relationships and data. You can access all information in a single, central location instantly - so you’re no longer required to manually navigate through disparate systems, and all team members can retrieve the data they need easily.

This centralization of customer data not only makes it easier to access customer data, but it also enables better communication and collaboration throughout your business.


Get in-depth insights into all aspects of your business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a number of capabilities that can help both improve the customer experience and internal business processes through AI insights. These capabilities help reduce operational risk by using data to accurately predict customer behaviour, as well as helping you standardise business processes across the board.


Customer Insights

In a sector where having in-depth insight into your customers is crucial to both attract and retain them, manually inputting and analysing data is no longer a viable practice. With Customer Insights, you can combine the data stored across multiple sources to gain intelligent insight into your customers through trend analysis. Dynamics uses proactive machine learning to spot patterns in customer data (such as age, gender or address) which can be used to profile, score and target prospective customers. 

With intelligent customer insights, each and every team member can utilise AI to improve their customer service. 


Relationship insights

As financial services organisations undergo the Microsoft digital transformation process, customer centricity - or having a complete focus on meeting your customers’ needs - is essential. Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows businesses to better meet this goal with relationship insights, where the system will suggest AI-driven “next best” actions based on customer behaviour. This equips employees across departments with the tools they need to monitor and nurture customer relationships, with the help of a relationship health score based on unified data from D365 and various other platforms, including LinkedIn. 

For example, the system can perform a sentiment analysis of emails, meaning that it can detect opportunities that may be at risk based on the content of a customer email - if the tone is negative, it will flag the email and recommend “next best” actions based on previous conversations of a similar nature - meaning your team is better prepared to manage unhappy customers. 


Sales insights

Dynamics 365 also offers AI insights into Sales that can help automate the sales process and promote business growth. The CRM system uses machine learning to prioritise leads with the highest likelihood to convert, and can even prompt salespeople to communicate, suggesting best actions based on previous data. Using embedded communication tracking, the CRM system ensures the sales team doesn't over-communicate, by prompting them when a customer has already been contacted, and they’re at risk of becoming overwhelmed.

The system can even use AI to understand and evaluate sales conversations to decide which methods are most effective, and you can replicate these as a strategy that can be standardised across whole teams. This way, you can be sure that each member of the sales team is managing their customers in the same way, creating an efficient, consistent process for the sales department to follow. 


Stay compliant with AI insights

As financial services organisations begin to digitally transform, Microsoft AI can play a pivotal role in keeping you compliant as your business grows. This is mostly achieved by automating simple tasks that have previously been completed manually, such as collecting key documents from customers. Dynamics ensures that all sensitive, important information is captured instantly, where it is stored securely in the CRM to be accessed at your convenience. This reduces the risk of data being inputted incorrectly, and ensures no valuable data is misplaced.

On top of this, with Microsoft’s AI-driven recommendations and actions, there is a significant decrease in the chance of human error, such as the mis-selling of products or services, ultimately meaning that less time has to be spent correcting mistakes. This is absolutely key for financial services organisations trying to digitise their processes, as automating manual tasks means that not only do teams save valuable time, there is also very little risk involved.


Transform and promote further growth with AI insights

AI insights is just one of many features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM that is allowing financial services organisations to improve and grow their business.

Microsoft Dynamics AI insights facilitates a more collaborative, productive and efficient team, who have the insights they need to close deals, nurture customers and follow more structured and compliant processes. By using AI insights to automate simple tasks and equip your team with the tools they need to better service their customers, you build the foundation for digital transformation in your finance business.

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