Which Approach to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation is the Best for Financial Services Organisations?

As a CRM solution, Dynamics 365 has proven to be extremely effective for the financial services industry, and is used by thousands of organisations across the world - equally capable of supporting small, specialist financial services businesses and global enterprises. 

However, in order to truly see the business benefits of D365, you need an implementation partner that can build a solution tailored exactly to the needs of your business, while delivering value at each stage of the CRM implementation. Because financial services organisations often have specific requirements that are entirely unique to their individual business, a solely technology-driven approach to implementation isn’t necessarily the best way to get the most value out of your CRM. Here’s why a business-focused approach to Dynamics 365 CRM is the best choice for financial services organisations.


Business-focused implementation delivers immediate ROI

Dynamics 365 is equipped with a wealth of standard functionality that can be turned on as required, meaning that organisations can select only the modules they need - such as marketing or sales. This means that prior to implementation (with the help of a CRM implementation partner) you can prioritise which modules will be most beneficial to your business. When the CRM implementation is focused on adding value, working with your partner, you’ll be able to identify not only priority business processes but also areas that have the potential for improvement, and implement those first.

In more technology-driven, waterfall approaches to CRM implementations, this initial stage isn’t always done effectively, meaning that by the time the solution goes live, your business requirements may have changed and opportunities to add value would have been missed. 

However, because the financial services industry is vastly complex, doing this initial business process analysis is key, as it means you’re able to focus on which capabilities you require immediately, rather than implementing an entire CRM system at once. This also allows you to alter your priorities if business requirements change suddenly, and deliver maximum benefits within the shortest period of time - giving you an immediate, positive return on investment.

Implementing Dynamics CRM shouldn’t be a monolithic process where you have to wait to see visible ROI. Instead, you should be able to see value instantly, by focusing on areas in your business where the CRM solution can have the greatest impact.


Business-focused implementation maximises efficiency 

The ease of configuring and maintaining Dynamics CRM lends itself to organisations becoming highly self-sufficient, meaning that if your CRM system is implemented effectively, your whole team should be able to use it immediately.

With an implementation partner that is truly focused on configuring the solution to meet your needs, there should be a transition period that allows your team to get to grips with the solution as easily and seamlessly as possible. The CRM implementation shouldn’t end at go-live. Instead, your team should be equipped with the required knowledge to use the system effectively. If your business doesn’t receive this necessary support, it leads to low adoption rates. To avoid this, your implementation partner should be familiar with any concerns you or your team may have, and focus on getting your business self-sufficient with the system, allowing you to maximise your efficiency with the system from the point of go-live. 


How Inciper can help

At Inciper, we take a holistic, business-driven approach to CRM implementation, and have delivered solutions for multiple financial services organisations, each varying in size and scope, with unique individual requirements; from a tailored end-to-end solution for a specialist mortgage provider that delivered measurable improvement to KPIs across sales, operations and compliance, to a global enterprise solution for commercial relationship managers that helped standardise sales process across 60 countries. Due to our extensive experience working with the financial services sector, we understand how important it is to learn your business needs, goals and priorities, before, during and after the CRM implementation. 

Our iterative RAPID methodology focuses on delivering value through implementation, by prioritising business processes and objectives, while being adaptable to your priorities throughout. At Inciper, we work to deliver a solution that works with your business.

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